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Vision Measuring Machine Developing History

Do you know the developing history of vision measuring machine?
Let’s go and have a look.

A1: In the late 70s of the 20th century, especially since Professor David Marr established the theoretical framework of “Computational Vision”, image processing technology and image sensors have developed rapidly. With the increasing development and maturity of coordinate measurement technology, the development and application of coordinate measurement methods based on optical comparison have made further substantial progress in the field of optical measurement.

B2: In 1977, View Engineering invented the world’s first RB-1 image measurement system driven by a motor XYZ axis (see Figure 1), which is an automatic image measuring instrument that integrates video detection and software measurement at the control terminal. In addition, Mechanical Technology’s BoiceVista system takes full advantage of the CMM by integrating a video image measurement system on the CMM’s probe, which compares the measured data with pre-programmed nominal dimensions and tolerances. These two instruments borrow the coordinate measuring principle of the coordinate measuring machine in different ways, and project the image of the measured object into the coordinate system. Its measuring platform inherits the form of a coordinate measuring machine, but its probe is similar to an optical projector. The emergence of these instruments has opened up an important measuring instrument industry, that is, the image measuring instrument industry. In the early 80s of the last century, there was an important development in image measurement technology.

Fig. 1 RB-1 image measurement system

C3: In 1981, ROI developed an optical image probe (see Figure 2), which can replace the contact probe on a coordinate measuring machine for non-contact measurement, and since then this optical accessory has become one of the basic components of imaging equipment. In the mid-80s, image measuring instruments with high magnification microscope eyepieces appeared on the market.
Fig 2 ROI optical image probe

D4: In the 90s of last century, with the development of CCD technology, computer technology, digital image processing technology, LED lighting technology, DC/AC servo drive technology, image measuring instrument products have achieved great development. More manufacturers have entered the image measuring instrument product market and jointly promoted the development of image measuring instrument products.

E5: After 2000, China’s technical level in this field has been continuously improved, and literature on image measurement technology research has also continued to appear; The image measuring instruments developed by domestic enterprises have also been continuously improved and developed in terms of production scale, variety and quality. In 2009, China formulated the national standard GB/T24762-2009: Product Geometry Technical Specification (GPS) image measuring instrument acceptance detection and re-inspection detection, which is suitable for XY plane Cartesian coordinate system image measuring instrument, including image measuring instrument with positioning or measurement function in the Z direction perpendicular to the plane Cartesian coordinate system.

Post time: Aug-10-2023