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Video Projector

Nice products, high-quality, excellent ROI if you work with us. Since our establishment in 2006, our original intention has not changed. We take each year as a step and continuously improve our product quality and research and development capabilities. Currently, the accuracy of our 2D optical measuring machine SinoVision series can reach 1.2+L/200 microns. Creating value for society, creating opportunities for employees, and creating wealth for society are the unwavering pursuits of Hoyamo & Sinowon.
  • Horizontal Video Projector PH3015

    Horizontal Video Projector PH3015

    Projector Features ● The lifting system adopts linear guide rail and precision screw drive, which makes the lift drive more comfortable and stable; ● With precision toothless rod and fast movement locking device, ensure return error is within 2um; ● High accuracy A optical scale and precision working stage, ensure machine accuracy is within 3+L/200 um; ● HD zoom lens and HD color digital camera, ensure clear image without distortion; ● With programmable surface 4-ring 8-division LED cold...