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Special Price for Video Measuring System VMS-1510

VMS-1510 Video Measuring System with Price_00

1.Do you have parts to be measured by calipers or micrometer now?
2.Do you want to improve the accuracy from handheld tools to optical measuring machine?
3.Do you need to measure the GD&T size: such as, straightness, roundness, symmetry, angularity, concentricity, position?

If you have such problems to be solved, it is better to have optical coordinate measuring machine. We are glad to recommend the mini video measuring machine VMS-1510 to you as follows:
a)VMS-1510 has mini size with lovely shape for the measuring space is 150x100x100mm stably;
b)VMS-1510 net weight is less than 45Kg, it can be installed in the workshop, laboratory portably;
c)VMS-1510 E1 accuracy is 3+L/200um, it can measure 2D linear size and GPS/GD&T sizes precisely;
d)VMS-1510 standard vision image measuring software can input DXF for comparison measurement, and it can output the report in format of word, Excel, TXT and PDF friendly.

EXW VMS1510 USD2,980.00/SET
A.Warranty time: 15-month
B.Delivery time: 1-week
C.Online Training: At any time

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Post time: Aug-21-2023